These pictures were taken using a Sinar-F view camera and, in some cases, an Intrepid field camera, on a variety of 4x5 large-format film. These shots were all scanned directly from the negatives on an Epson V800 flatbed scanner.
I use four lenses: a Nikon Nikkor 150mm, a Rodenstock Sironar 180mm, a Schneider Kreuznach 210mm, and a Nikon Nikkor-AM ED 210mm macro.
Sycamore Root, Rock Run, Kentucky
Cherokee Park, Louisville
Measure, Bernheim Arboretum
Sign at Rye, Downtown Louisville
Red Maple, Louisville
Limestone, Kentucky
Rock Run, Kentucky
Soberanes Point, California
Weston Beach, Point Lobos, California
Point Lobos, California
Lover's Point, Monterey Peninsula, California
Cypress, Monterey Bay, California
Pacific Ocean
Weston Beach, Point Lobos, California
Whale Vertebrae, Wildcat Hill, California
Beargrass Creek, Kentucky
Falls of the Ohio, Indiana
Gladie, Red River Gorge, Kentucky
St. Therese, Louisville, Kentucky
Virginia Pines, State Rock, Kentucky
Tobacco Barn, Kentucky
Tobacco Field, Kentucky
Fox Hollow Farm, Kentucky
Fox Hollow Farm, Kentucky
Buick, Louisville, Kentucky
Whittleton Branch, Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Red River, Kentucky
Seneca Park, Louisville, Kentucky
Vine Hill Cemetery, Jim Beam Distillery, Kentucky
Jim Beam Distillery, Kentucky
Farmers Bank & Trust, Bardstown, Kentucky
Bernheim Arboretum, Kentucky
Portland, Louisville, Kentucky
Nanny Goat Strut, Louisville, Kentucky
Portland, Louisville, Kentucky
Osage Orange, Falls of Beargrass Creek, Kentucky
K&I Railroad, New Albany, Indiana
Homage to Paul Strand
St. Joseph's Church, Indiana
Grain Elevator, New Albany, Indiana

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