These photographs were taken on a 1950's Ansco Speedex 4.5 Special, which I bought sight-unseen on an online auction. It is a medium format folding camera with an 85 mm Apotar lens. It shoots 120 film. The old bellows was replaced with a new one handmade and installed by Sandeha Lynch in the UK. The camera itself was built by the Agfa Camera Werk in Munich, Germany. You can learn more about the Ansco and Agfa folding cameras at .
Big Four Bridge, Louisville KY
Big Four Bridge, Louisville KY
Swan Street, Germantown
Logan Street, Smoketown
Bluegrass Station, Oldham County KY
Shelby Campus, Louisville Kentucky
Recycling Center, Louisville KY
Recycling Center and Rising Moon, Louisville KY
Logan Street, Louisville KY
Nugent Sand & Gravel Company, Louisville KY
Pine Creek, Bullitt County KY
Sunset, Oldham County
Trucks and Sky
Lounge #1
Lounge #2
Patio #1
Patio #2
On the Ohio River
Power Station

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